I chose the Maternity Maidens course because it covers information on the holistic well being of pre and post natal mothers. The course promotes natural methods of supporting the mother and baby such as herbs for labour, using food to support the demands on the body and the benefits of breastfeeding etc.
You will learn surprising information about inequities in the maternal care of different societal groups. The course empowered me to make better choices for my own maternal care as well as advise others on those choices too.
The suggestions for care tend to be alternative to what is offered on the NHS but Natasha is never dogmatic about those options either. The business advice part of the course was very empowering and I’ve already used what I learned to help my husband choose a logo for a business venture. Natasha promotes self care and encourages her students to prioritise their health and well being. The course is a mixture of one to ones and group learning. When the course is finished, Natasha still offers support and opportunities for CPD.

Maternity Maiden student

First let me start with what an amazing birth experience we had using Natasha as our doula. I truly believe that without her help and information, things would not have gone so smoothly nor been so enjoyable. Natasha was so excited about making sure that we got the birth experience we wanted. She went above and beyond for my family. Having all the knowledge to answer any questions I had when she did not have the answer then she made sure that she got one for me. I could not have asked for more with Natasha, she is a wonderful person inside and out and so very passionate at what she does. She came into our home and she made herself part of the family. Even though, I contacted Natasha a month before my due date, it felt as if I have known her for a very long time. We have been so blessed to get to know her and to have her be apart of such an important time in our lives.

My Obstetrics Consultant gave me an extremely hard time and strongly advised against a VBA2C. After I had presented her with a lot of research on the low risk factors of VBA2C compared the risk of a third C- section she then agreed to at least let me try for a VBAC. With this said, she was pretty adamant about scheduling a repeat caesarean at 40weeks plus 1 day. But, we decided we would do whatever it took to have a safe VBA2C and if another caesarean were to happen, it would be because of medical necessity.


I was determined to get my vaginal birth and I was doing everything from eating dates, drinking raspberry red leaf tea, going on long walks, etc. As her due date got closer, so did the pressure from my consultant. I refused to schedule a repeat caesarean and had to sign legal documents saying that I was going against medical advice.

At 39 weeks plus 1 day my waters started leaking and I informed Natasha who then made her way to my house and helped me with various exercises that would help my labour progress. I then decided to go to the hospital the morning after as the contractions were starting to get more intense and regular. However, this was proven to be a mistake as the Consultant and her team of 5 came into my room (which was a very small room) and informed me that having a VBA2 is very risky and that my baby and I could die. At this point my contraction started to slow down and they became irregular. Natasha reminded me that the hospital setting and the staff would not help me progress, as I was not relaxed at all. I then decided to go back home and the contraction started to become more intense and regular to the point were I was unable to converse with anyone. At this point I decided it was time to go to the hospital and when they checked me I was 7cm dilated. Not long after that they realised that my water had not completely gone and that my bladder also needed to be emptied.  When started groaning Natasha realised that I was ready to push and all I remember was the midwife reading my birth plan to me word to word and Natasha was telling me to do what I need to do. The midwife kept telling me not to push, as I was not ready yet despite the fact that I felt like pushing. She then checked me said that I was not fully dilated yet and straight after that one of the Obs and Gynae doctors checked me and confirmed that I was fully dilated and ready to push. After pushing for a while our baby boy was born and I had me successful VBA2C.


Ladies, just because you have had a C-section or more than one does not necessarily mean you will always need one for future babies. It can be done and is possible! The biggest step is finding a truly supportive provider for your birth choices and I can truly say that Natasha was more than supportive. My only regret is not finding her sooner. I couldn’t have asked for better love and support throughout my birth.

I keep remembering every moment and my heart become again full of joy and praises to God for sending someone who is can understand the struggles women from BME communities face. Knowing that she understands how the healthcare providers treat us differently was very comforting and made a very big difference to our relationship. Thank you so much again from the bottom of my heart Natasha.


Kind Regards




Eden’s script has help my wife and I tremendously. The information given, the compassion and understanding that we are treated with as parent is amazing. Thanks so much for keeping us calm when it all gets hairy!!



I was experiencing pain since my first pregnancy and didn’t quite know where to start on my journey. Eden script opened the door way and I’ve learnt so much. I am very thankful as I have not stopped learning and will keep pushing. I just want to say a big thank you for the guidance and support you have given and continue to give to me. God bless 😘



I went to get a Mizan therapy with Natasha and the overall experience was great! The therapy was relaxing and felt great on the body. Natasha is very supportive and has a great amount of knowledge to share with you. Lovely person she is and whoever meets her will feel the same xx



So supportive and understanding, I received a lot of help with my girls asthma and gluten intolerance. Also when breastfeeding and having difficulties to begin with. Thank you so much



Eden’s script gave great advice for my little boy for various problems. I even got additional advice for an older child. Suggestions were great and the support is amazing! Keep it up!



Natasha is so warm and friendly. She has given me advice numerous times about motherhood, breastfeeding and just been a great support. She recently took the time out to give me advice on how to treat my daughters eczema and bowl issues.



Natasha is a very knowledgeable and supportive person. She is a great listener & cares about her clients holistically. She has encouraged me to think more about the foods I eat, the things that I use & need to use externally; such as herbs. I am so grateful for her support thus far and looking forward to the support that she will provide to me as a mother. Thank you Natasha!


Natasha has been a great help for myself and my son
She is very patient and explains how to introduce small changes to improve health. She has been really helpful for practical suggestions dealing with illness and how to support my baby through it naturally. Like a wise sister or Aunty  Thank you xxx