Excellence Series Midwife Elsie Gayle

Elsie Gayle is an independent midwife and has been awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the University of Wolverhampton for her outstanding contributions in her field of work. She has been a midwife for over 30 years and I have had the pleasure of not only meeting Elsie, but speaking to her as a professional and role model. Elsie is simply iconic.

Elsie Gayle is a warm, tenderhearted and a kind midwife. Her love for midwifery and her expertise is unparalleled.

Elsie was born in Jamaica and came to the UK in the 70s to train as a nurse and then later became a midwife. She has worked in other countries and not only practices as an IM but she frequently engages in community work and multiple initiatives. Elsie has worked in some of the most toughest situations and under ridiculous constraints yet offers exceptional services for the women of Great Britain. As a part of her practice she offers women a wide range of bespoke and holistic personalised options with their antenatal care.

“Her NHS practice incorporated both low and high medical and social risk mothers. She has developed and delivered several bespoke antenatal and postnatal parent preparation programmes within the voluntary sector; working with a wide variety of families.” (Mimosa Midwives)

From speaking with and learning about Elsie (with scarce resources) it is clear that Elsie is not only committed to improving services and experiences for mothers but also for the women who work in Maternity care. She has addressed workplace bullying, she frequently stresses the importance of caring for staff and also discrimination within the sector. She frequently participates in events and contributes in advisory forums sharing her expertise on various and wide ranging topics that if simply seriously taken on board would help to improve practice for professionals and patient experience. Elsie often speaks about ‘sustainability’ and using models that are effective. As a doula I am in awe of Elsie Gayle and where many have thrown in the towel and become despondent Elsie still demonstrates resilience and excellence. Today Mrs Elsie Gayle, I have given you my very own recognition of Birthworker Excellence.

Here is what one of my fellow Doulas had to say about Elsie,

“Elsie Gayle is a formidable woman. A highly experienced and well-respected independent midwife who goes above and beyond the call of duty, not only for her own birthing clients but also for women who reach out to her for help. These women are often marginalised and mistrustful of local maternity systems and services that have previously let them down. She’s also a great source of support and inspiration for other midwives and birthworkers of colour, lending a listening ear and sharing her own experiences of working in the system. We have a lot to learn from her!”

Lorna Philip


You can find more about her IM services here

You can hear Elsie speak about her desire for better outcomes here


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