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You can find courses and training offered by Eden’s Script here. You can also request a workshop by getting in touch. You will be asked to provide identification and a reference.

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Maternity Maidens: Holistic Perinatal Practitioner


I chose the Maternity Maidens course because it covers information on the holistic well being of pre and post natal mothers. The course promotes natural methods of supporting the mother and baby such as herbs for labour, using food to support the demands on the body and the benefits of breastfeeding etc.
You will learn surprising information about inequities in the maternal care of different societal groups. The course empowered me to make better choices for my own maternal care as well as advise others on those choices too.
The suggestions for care tend to be alternative to what is offered on the NHS but Natasha is never dogmatic about those options either. The business advice part of the course was very empowering and I’ve already used what I learned to help my husband choose a logo for a business venture. Natasha promotes self care and encourages her students to prioritise their health and well being. The course is a mixture of one to ones and group learning. When the course is finished, Natasha still offers support and opportunities for CPD.

Maternity Maiden student

Maternity Maidens’ began as a project that utilised holistic peer support and self- help strategies to improve maternal health and well-being. It is appropriate for those wanting to offer birth support or doualing. It is also suitable for individuals who want to do CPD. It is for women who want to support other women or themselves. Through the project we aim to minimise things such as loneliness, poor health, depression, and anxiety. We also provide women with information about making birth choices and using up to date evidence to help inform their decisions. One of ‘Maternity Maidens’ fundamental goals   to help women heal themselves preparatory to healing and supporting others. We hope to equip mums who want to make difference in their community and who wish to stay at home with their children but also be able support themselves doing something meaningful and rewarding.

We have included  key skills and consolidated them into a single course. The course can be done individually or in groups. If you choose to do the full online version (individual) you will still get all of the skills outlined. For those wanting to do the day workshop you can expect an environment that is  friendly, warm and comfortable  as  these  are  the  skills  we  want  to  instil  in  our  maidens. All materials (herbs/oils) are provided.

There will be a further required reading list and assignments. Further to the day there will be ongoing support, learning and opportunities.

What you will gain:

  • A Certificate in Nutrition
  • An understanding of  how to provide support to women from pregnancy through to the postpartum period
  • An awareness of the changes a woman experiences throughout pregnancy through to the postpartum
  • Skills for providing emotional support
  • Insightful knowledge about breastfeeding and how to provide basic support to a mother who wants to initiate breastfeeding
  • Self-care methods
  • Holistic approaches to good health and natural remedies
  • Safeguarding and working safely
  • Business basics






121 Doula

Breastfeeding E-learning for parents

This course was designed to help you get breastfeeding off to the best start. You will find a mixture of text, images and video clips with answers and guidance to the top breastfeeding questions and problems.

Cost: £50

Free for:

  • Families who earn under £16,000 per year
  • Parents under the age of 21 years
  • Black, asian and minority families
Elsie Gayle

Elsie Gayle

Independent Midwife

An Introduction To The Study of Midwifery

8 Level 3 credits

This  unique introduction to the work of midwifery is taught  by independent midwives. It takes you from historical perspectives and practices through to contemporary practice and regulation. You’ll cover theory, anatomy and physiology and will have an opportunity to get some experience visiting maternity forums. Plus much more. Contact Elsie for further details.


Cost: £100  (1 day)

£480 (5 days)

  • Theory
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Antenatal classes
  • Aquanatal sessions
  • Opportunities for practical experience to support mothers